Patch 1.1

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New Content for Steam
  • (Feature) Custom Levels: Create & play custom levels! Players can seamlessly browse for custom levels in-game using Steam's Workshop! Creators can use the same tools we had in Unity, with the ability to use most of our assets or import your own stuff like meshes, music etc! Check out the documentation page for more info!
  • (Feature) Steam Community Items are now live! Collect those cards to improve your badge and get free emojis and backgrounds from them! We also have animated stickers available in the point shop now.

All Platforms
  • (Feature) Removed and/or replaced a lot of combat zones in several levels to keep things speedy.
  • (Feature) There's now a setting to turn off camera overrides, like the ones pointing at what unlocked.
  • (Adjustment) Adjusted "Gotta go Fast" arena's layout to be more forgiving.
  • (Adjustment) Made the snowstorm effect in return trips of Peak Plateau more transparent.
  • (Adjustment) Lowered and adjusted a bunch of sound effect volumes.
  • (Adjustment) Lowered overall color red values in the Apocadesert areas.
  • (Adjustment) Added a hint sign about adjustable gamma values for particularly dark levels. Also adjusted the glide hint sign in Tomoe and Gozen's boss fight for better mechanical clarity.
  • (Adjustment) Added poison drops when spinning while poisoned to further indicate this shakes the effect off you.
  • (Adjustment) Flying spiky pigs now groundpound non-lethal waves.
  • (Fix) Rollout and other sounds don't suddenly stop playing anymore at random moments.
  • (Fix) Arena matches now don't share the same personal best times anymore.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue with wall climbing while spamming the turf wheel with slo-mo on.
  • (Fix) Input is now locked when loading into a level from the quest menu or deleting save data.
  • (Fix) Wall check for checkpoint placement has been improved.
  • (Fix) Global timer no longer goes bonkers past the 100 hour mark.
  • (Fix) Trophy time is correctly displayed in the win menu of bosses now at all times.
  • (Fix) Spamming the checkpoint button while walking now doesn't interrupt walking animations.
  • (Fix) Restarting a boss fight from the win menu now properly resets the music.
  • (Fix) The #ranking number now properly displays in the leaderboard's friend list if it's scrolling.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue when spamming the turf wheel with slo-mo on while entering a teleporter.
  • (Fix) Turning off Depth of Field no longer resets when loading into another level.
  • (Fix) Freeze frame setting now properly removes freeze frames.
  • (Fix) A bunch of ambience sounds now properly play out in their level segments.
  • (Fix) Reflecting lasers no longer have the rare chance to leave behind particles indefinitely & sometimes not having a trail at all.
  • (Fix) Fixed a few typos.
  • (Fix) Improved collision on lowering platforms near kill zones.
  • (Fix) Removed awkward hookshot interaction with falling demon soccer balls in Forktown.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue of the castle disappearing when doing checkpoint teleports in Ice Ice Cavey.
  • (Fix) Adjusted how sweets are awarded after quests to ensure they get properly saved even when the player suddenly quits the game immediatelly afterwards.
  • (Fix) Added missing beta tester credit, sorry Violet! <3
  • (Fix) Anti Aliasing is now more efficiently and properly applied when toggled on.
  • (Fix) The win menu after beating a boss for the first time now correctly displays the trophy time.
  • (Fix) You no longer remain invincible for the remainder of a level in the rare instance where you frame-perfectly time a teleport & death at the same time.
  • (Fix) Looking at the level gates at a certain angle in hubs no longer leads to the display not properly, well, displaying.
  • (Fix) You can no longer errantly activate the battery thief menu from the leaderboard menu when browsing quests.
  • (Fix) Fixed two rare level instances of being able to replicate cakes on replays.
  • (Fix) Fixed hard to replicate instance of being able to skip boss progression by abusing the revolutionists.
  • (Fix) Trophy icon no longer displays at the bottom of the pause menu when there is no time to beat, like in hub worlds.
  • (Fix) Roped platforms in Peak Plateau now properly display the drop shadow.
  • (Fix) Flipping platforms now properly shake & make a sound to indicate they are about to flip.
  • (Fix) Fixed a few decorative elements missing their mesh visuals.
  • (Fix) Some larger item descriptions in the settings menu no longer get overlapped by Midgi's dialogue bubble.

  • (Feature) Added a "delete all" option in the photo album.
  • (Adjustment) Added option to turn off volumetric fog entirely.
  • (Fix) Added another failsafe check for the "Gluttony Demon" achievement.
  • (Fix) Beta testers/players won't see the "Not beaten" text anymore in level leaderboards where they previously had a better time in.

  • (Feature) Added setting to not store photo's automatically into your library.
  • (Adjustment) Improved scaling on the button mapping menu when in handheld.
  • (Adjustment) Improved performance in some segments of the Cap'n Damp boss fight.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the resolution can get messed up when taking a photo with a full photo album.
  • (Fix) You can now scroll the leaderboards properly.

Playstation & Xbox
  • (Feature) Added back missing thumbstick sensitivity sliders in the settings.
  • (Fix) You can now scroll the leaderboards properly.
  • (Fix) Fixed the rare instance of the "exhaustion" word getting visually glitched out in the GUI.

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